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Team Brown: Is the entity. Formed in 1999. It represents all productions ever created by members of Team Brown. JJ, Mefesto, Bass Turd, Reef Tha Queef, & Huntera are the members in Team Brown. It is all the music, video, merchandise, & slogans you hear or see. POR, PIG RECTUM, CPK's, JJ Allin Show, Big Dick Baboons, Rodinator, & anything else involved in the productions. Everything in the production is copywritten under Team Brown.

Profits Of Regret: Is "The Most Remedial Stunt Group In The World!" POR was formed in 1998 by JJ Allin & Mefesto. 7 out of the 9 POR members are family members. Our videos have been seen by millions all over the internet! You may have seen us on Break, We Play Crazy, Tru Tv' Most Daring, Mtv's Pranked, World's Wildest Vacation Videos, G4's Around The Net, G4's Attack Of The Show, Youtube, Myspace, Dailymotion, Faygoluvers, or Blip. We are a stunt group & have been doing this all our lifes. Tons of stunt groups popped up everywhere after Jackass went on the air in 2001. We are NOT one of those stunt groups. We try to be the most decorative & action packed stunt group out there. We live for an adrenaline rush, we do what we think is funny. We do it for personal pleasure & aren't trying to get attention or in this to make money. We live in the now and don't care about tomorrow. To us it's natural. It's all we know. We are currently working on our next film entitled POR Uprising that will be put on dvd and sold worldwide! "Love us or hate us you'll never forget us!"

PIG RECTUM: Is the best band ever assembled. Fact: If you don't wear a mouth guard when you listen to PIG RECTUM you will get your teeth kicked in. They have been sworn into this game to destroy all Butterfly Bands. They ARE the Heavy Metal terroirists! If you don't like them, your daughters will. They will OWN them. They want danger back into music, it's their mission. Saying their shows are gruesome would be an understatement. Now if you want to fly a kite with us... We can show you how to do it.

POR Store Updated!-
New shirts added & we are now taking orders for the white Most Remedial tee. That is the next shirt we are printing. For those who don't have an Uprising tee now is the time to get one. There is only about 10 left. It will be a while before they are re-printed. Go to the POR Store link above to see all the designs & buy.

JJ on TV Twice!-
JJ appeared on G4's Break Moments in De-Evolution & on the first episode of the new show Smash Cuts on the CW this weekend. "We have seen a lot of nutshots, but nothing compares to this next guy!" -Kevin from AOTS. Out of all the TV appearances i've made this is my crowning achievement. You can watch them both right here!

POR on MTV!-
POR is on MTv's Pranked for the Tidal Wave Wakeup On Gerken. Below is the video from MTV's website.

POR Store Updated!-
They have been made & are going fast! All the mediums & smalls are soldout. If you want one order now, or wait until they are re-printed in the future. They are 13 dollars. Checkout all the new gear that will be coming real soon by clicking the store link above. Click here to view the final design on the POR Uprising tee. Contact JJ for more info:

JJ's Air Guitar!-
JJ does some weird shit in his spare time, but that's alright, now alright, just dance!

POR Merch!-
40 POR Uprising Moto tees are in! View the shirt in the store. On the back it has all the POR crew names in order. Order yours now, because they will go FAST! For more info & to order email JJ @

Katie's Faceplant On Tru Tv!-
POR makes it on Tru Tv for a 3rd time in one week with Katie's Brutal Faceplant. Below is Katie's 15 seconds of fame on World's Wildest Vacation Videos. POR is also set to be on Tru Tv 2 more times this month, plus on MTV with 2 prank videos on MTV's new show Pranked!

Forgotten Freshness!-
Ever wonder where all the old POR videos are? Alot of them have been forgotten, but they are still on the internet. Below is a link to a ton of our old videos, and the epic Pig Sweat A Million Miles 1.

POR on Tru Tv!-
Incase you missed Gerken breaking his leg on Tru Tv, here is the episode of Most Daring that aired on August 26th, 2009. "His friends were about as much help as the dog." Below also is the episode of Ritchie Poo on World's Wildest Vacation Videos that aired a few weeks back.

Party Footage!-
August 26th, 2009 most of the POR crew were together in one setting. The day was wild, from 30 foot dvd nutshots to Bass Turd getting clocked in the face twice. Enjoy the new featured video, and below is the aftermath of the roman candle to the face!

POR On Tru TV!-
Don't miss Caleb Gerken walking the plank & breaking his "ankel" on Tru Tv's Most Daring, Wednesday @ 8! The episode will include the video plus the full interview they shot back in April. We are all stoked to see how it will turn out, so tune in & tell your friends!

POR Salutes Mefesto!-
This week we are honoring Mefesto by dedicating the whole website to him. So enjoy the featured video, the new pics, lyrics, & temporary layout. We must all remain loyal to the royal KING MEFESTO!

Sailor Sam On Tru TV!-
Caleb "Sailor Sam" Gerken is set to be on Tru Tv's Most Daring on August 26th @ 9! The episode will feature a complete interview and last at least 2 minutes in length. We will all be watching it together, and having a mini party. Tell your friends & don't miss it! As the day comes closer I will keep everyone updated on here & Twitter. Below is my version of the interview, enjoy.

New PIG RECTUM Songs!-
Warcraft Paradise & ThE gOaT kNaPpEr are now online! Listen to them on the PIG RECTUM Myspace. Just click on the music link above! We have too much fun doing these songs/videos and the videos below are the proof.

Insane Weekend With WPC & The Horse!-
POR left VA Friday to film with We Play Crazy, The Horse, SDK, & LWL @ Bikes, Babes, & BBQ stunt show in Millstone TWP NJ! Epic is an understatement on this one. Let the video speak for itself!

POR On 5 TV Shows This Fall!-
POR is set to be on VH1'S Web Soup, MTV's Pranked, Smash Cuts, Beyond Twisted, & of course Tru Tv's Most Daring for Gerken's leg break! We are also talking to several other shows. We will update more when the dates get closer!

We Got You GERKEN!-
JJ Allin & Mefesto dump 13 gallons of water on Sailor Sam when he is sleeping, bust him in the face with baby powered out an Air-Zooka, & rig a doorway with siran wrap which he walks straight into. Watch the video on the Youtube Widget below, & before you do that checkout the offical Site Trailer!

JJ On TV Twice This Week!-
JJ Allin is on Comcast On Demand & G4's Break Moments In De-Evolution this week! View the videos below!

New PIG RECTUM Songs!-
The long awaited Keep On Rockin With The Rodinator & Six Feet From The Jon are online! Keep On Rockin With The Rodinator was written by: JJ Allin & Bass Turd Mania! Six Feet From The Jon was written in 2005 by: JJ Allin. You can check out both songs on PIG RECTUM's Myspace! or go to the music link at the top of this website.

Shout Out To Other Stunt Groups!-
After your done checking out our site go to &! Buy as much of their dvds & shirts as you can! We Play Crazy & Nasty are two of the best stunt groups in the game right now. I'm a huge supporter & love their work!

Film Session With Beighe!-
Here is the new video shot in a 2 week process. Deff some of the best footage we have ever filmed in such a short period of time!

This Summer-
Our Summer is pretty much booked! In July we will be shooting our scripted film The Hills Have Headcheese. We are also filming from here to the Fall time for our film POR Uprising that we'll be putting on dvd for everyone to buy! We will be heading to New Jersey for We Play Crazy's Bikes, Babes, & BBQ Stunt Show on August 1st! 4 days later were packing a van to Cave In Rock Illonois for the 10th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos! Also this September POR will be featured on Tru Tv's Most Daring for Sailor Sam's broken leg video! I will keep everyone up to date as time goes by! With love, JJ Allin. =0


Latest Videos:

-Tru TV Interview!

-POR 1!

-Farewell POR House!

-Hills Have Headcheese!

-Comcast On Demand!

-I'm The Ghost Rider!

POR Greatest Hits:

-JJ #1 On TV!

-Katie's Brutal Faceplant!

-The Cody Killer!

-Dog Attacks Firework!


-The Crippler Crawl!

Bass Turd:
Parody to Bartender by: Rehab

Bass Turd I really did it this time,
Spray painted the school to have a good time.
When I was there it was 9PM,
Me & James drew swastikas & PIG RECTUM.
We came home a rocking,
Then the cops came A knocking.
They took me to the police station,
& summons me to court for obstruction.
Well I got cummunity service,
Served my time at the EAUS.
Got Brandon Lance to slide down the stairs,
& he busted the door in!
Well I'm skipping on the outside of the school,
& making Milk Bandits a better crew.
Land busted a carton, in the stair well,
So we got called up by the principal.
We just plead the fifth then skipped again.
Ya know Turd I'll probably get 30 days,
So lets just film till I go away.
Yea I know Mefesto's coming up,
& we probably gonna go jump some stuff,
But I'm trying not to get in trouble,
I'm so tired of these cops and their laws.
Everything Rob Hall says is wrong,
& we will never get along.
So now I'm in the back of Bus 172,
Danseys yelling saying he's gonna sue,
You know I missed by a fucking inch,
So I got taken away that day,
& got expelled because people are gay.

Yes it was me,
Mr. Dansy your a pansy.
Got alot of memories,
But the best was shitting on the stage.
Someone slipped in it,
I wish I could have seen Michael fall in it.
I guess it was worth the fucking danger,
But thats no concern.
Alot of things I deserved.
I put milk on everyting at Spotwood,
& watched it burn
I know it's my fault,
But I wasn't happy it was over,
So then I took a shit,
& went to jail because of it.

& now I must serve my time.
They acted like it was some kind of serious crime,
But When we all pile in that fuckin pod,
There gonna ask me what I've did.
I've spray painted a school,
Threw a milk carton at the principal,
Shit on the fuckin stage,
Now I'm sitting here in this stupid cage,
But You Best believe they will never shut down,

Written by: Bass Turd Mania.

JJ Allin-
The most disgusting stunt man alive! Co-founder of POR, producer, & editor. He is easily the most controversial member of the crew. If he offends you in any way, then he is doing exactly what he is set to do. JJ got his nickname after the first PIG RECTUM concert where he paid tribute to GG Allin by taking a shit and smearing it in his face! Also his middle name is Allen and he has always been called JJ, so it's just magic. JJ is notorious for throwing a milk carton at the Spotswood High School principal Mr. Dansey, spray painting PIG RECTUM 15 times on the Elementary School, & taking a shit on Spotswood High School's auditorium stage. The next day an 11th grader slipped in the shit and JJ spent time in jail for defecating on the stage months later. JJ loves artists like Buckethead, GG Allin, & Lady GaGa! He specializes in pyro stunts, nutshots, parkour, & other stunts that will make you sick!

King of the Megadeth! Mefesto is the Co-Founder of the group, does all the dialouge in POR, is PIG RECTUM's #1 fan, still collects Yu-Gi-Oh cards, & is the biggest Iron Maiden fan you will ever meet. Mefesto has never turned down a stunt to this day. He destroyed everything in his path giving him the nickname King Mefesto. We must all remain loyal to the royal King Mefesto!

Big Boi James-
Parkour specialist & will do anything that involves intense heights. In POR Uprising he backflips off a generator into 7 UV light tubes. He was one of the first to ever film with POR outside of the family, and has cemented his place in POR as one of the best. JJ has always said James can be the best stuntman in the group if he wanted to be.

Bass Turd Mania-
Cameraman & rapper. He can rhyme anyword. He once rhymed Hole with tetter totter. Bass Turd is mostly behind the scenes & has filmed nearly 80% of all the footage in POR. He is also very good with the ladies. Everyone wants to ride The Bass Turd. =0

Humpin Huntera-
By far the best looking mother fucker in the crew. Was there when it all started. He is the drummer (pots n' pans) in PIG RECTUM, likes to burn trash cans with Corey Chronic, & has been in just a few scuffles with Bass Turd Mania. =0

Sailor Sam-
Was inducted into the POR stunt crew after breaking his leg in 3 places walking the plank, which made it on Tru Tv's Most Daring! He is featured on several episodes of The JJ Allin Show, collects Star Wars action figures, & is the reason The Bass Turd passed 6th grade. =0

Ritchie Poo-
Made his first TV appearance on G4TV's Break Moments In De-Evolution by getting owned by the Megadeth Gap now entitled "The Cody Killer!" He ran the gauntlet and refused to be ignored by the POR crew. He was the first person to ever land the infamous Megadeth.

Reef Tha Queef-
Was the first rapper to smack A bitch & say faggot. Reef is the frontman of the band PIG RECTUM. He is the barrel racing champion with a perfect 13-0 record. He is known for his off the wall quotes, and his infamous stand-up comedy video that consists of nothing but immature fart jokes.

Land On Face-
Lands On her face, is the only female to ever jump the now infamous Megadeth Gap, & is quite the celebrity around the net! In all her stunts she finds a way to land on her face. She is the butt end of many jokes on & off camera. She was the first female in POR, & her faceplant video has received millions of views on various sites all over the internet!



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